Corporate Branding Spotlight

I was charged with re-designing the logo and catalog design for a local manufacturing company’s 2018 marketing efforts. Within the scope of this project was not only design…

Amarr Garage Door Opener Display

Garage door opener display concept for Amarr. I worked closely with Marketing Manager to perfect a concept that accurately showcased the bright light on the front of the…

Open Cones Grinder Card Display

Cones Grinder Card Display

Point of Sale countertop packaging for Cones grinder cards. The client wanted an approach that was edgy and modern without using hippie stereotypes. All Cones logos were provided.

Habitat NC Trifold Cover

Habitat for Humanity of NC

Trifold brochure design made as part of a plug-and-play affiliate template initiative. These templates were designed to be edited by NC chapters in an in-browser software.  They helped…

Southside Johnnys Website

A mobile-friendly website design for a gentleman’s club. The final design incorporates a 1920’s aesthetic and decorative elements from the actual club. Quick Note: The original site is…

Cybergoth Series

Assorted Logo Designs

Logo designs for a number of clients throughout North Carolina.